Festa Summer Muza Kawasaki is a midsummer music festival that started in 2005. Under the finest acoustic conditions of Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall, you can enjoy comparing the sounds every day unique to different professional orchestras that play music in Japan – the biggest attraction of this festival. In addition, we present to you a variety of concerts every year like a pipe organ performance that Muza is proud of, concerts for children, and jazz concerts as well as classical ones.
Beginning as a music festival that proposes to you the “New Styles of Listening and Enjoying” the classical music, Summer Muza has grown to become one of the biggest events attracting as many as about 30,000 visitors every year and is being loved by local residents of Kawasaki City as well as classical music fans as a music festival representing the “Music City of Kawasaki”.

Attractiveness of Summer Muza!

  1. 1Enjoying Comparing Sounds of Different Orchestras

    Orchestras in Japan gather for doing gorgeous competitive performances. A lineup of various concerts including authentic classical ones as well as ballet performance is offered to you.
    The two concerts of the opening one and the final one will be performed by Kawasaki-based Tokyo Symphony Orchestra as the host orchestra.

  2. 2A Variety of Lineups

    This music festival is participated by two music colleges in Kawasaki City addition to professional ones. Also, its lineup includes one of the biggest pipe organ performances in Japan that Muza is proud of, jazz concerts and those for children. Further, the performance times of the concerts are purposely set in varied zones such as “Saturday, Sunday and Holiday”, “Evening in Weekdays” and “Afternoon in Weekdays”. Please visit us at your better time.

  3. 3Amusements Other Than Main Concert!

    You can also enjoy our optional events including “Pre-concert talk” or “Pre-concert performance” at many of the concerts. Please come early and enjoy yourself. (You can enter or leave during the performance.)

  4. 4Summer Muza at Shin-yurigaoka (venue: TEATRO GIGLIO SHOWA)

    We hold two concerts every year at Teatro Giglio Showa of Showa Academia Musicae located in Shin-yurigaoka.

  5. 5Partner Shop

    During the music festival, coupons for 1 drink service and discounts that can be used at nearby restaurants will be distributed to visitors at the venue.


  • Title
  • Schedule
    July 27 - August 12, 2024
  • Venue
    MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall, TEATRO GIGLIO SHOWA
  • Number of live performances
    19 performances
  • Hosts
    Kawasaki City, MUZA Kawasaki Symphony Hall(Kawasaki City Cultural Foundation Group)
  • Co-Host
    Showa University of Music (Summer MUZA at ShinYurigaoka Concerts)
  • Suppor
    Cultural Affairs LogoAgency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan